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Sedation Dentistry

Sometimes, dentistry can be a little scary. Root canals, implants, or removal of wisdom teeth can be unpleasant, to say the least. Maybe an aesthetic full-mouth rehabilitation requiring multiple crowns at once is necessary? Major dental treatments can be a source of great anxiety and stress for you, the patient. If you need a procedure done but are dreading it like the end of the world, then IV sedation is a great option for you.

IV conscious sedation can make your dental visit more pleasant by reducing anxiety, pain, and even the memory of the dental procedure itself. Moderate IV sedation is accomplished through a combination of different medications delivered safely through various techniques and methods, such as local anesthesia, oral sedation, and IV sedation. 

The intent of the anesthesia is to provide a relaxed and sedated experience that you may not even remember. You will not technically be “put to sleep” but will find yourself very relaxed, comfortable, and capable of getting through an otherwise intimidating dental procedure. 

This method is less expensive and much safer than general anesthesia. Sedation is a great way to make it through lengthy dental procedures, minimize dental anxiety, and make your dental treatment as comfortable as possible.

Types of Sedation Dentistry

There are two main delivery methods to consider for dental sedation: oral conscious sedation and IV sedation. 

Oral conscious sedation (a pill called Halcion) 

Oral conscious sedation is a process whereby a patient takes medication in the form of a pill or liquid ahead of a dental appointment or procedure. These medications can have a drowsy effect, so while you are fully awake during the procedure, you will feel more relaxed. This method is less effective and less predictable than IV sedation. 

IV sedation 

IV sedation is typically administered through an IV drip. Medications are dispensed through the IV line and have an immediate effect, allowing the doctor to titrate the required amount with safety and precision. This method of sedation provides the most comfort and safety to the patient. One great side effect is amnesia, meaning you will have little or no memory of the dental procedure after completion.

The IV sedation techniques used will provide relaxation, decreased anxiety, and sleepiness. The medications we use are thoroughly researched, safe, and work very quickly. Partial to profound amnesia is expected. IV moderate sedation is less expensive and safer than deep sedation or general anesthesia.

Who Is Sedation Dentistry for?

Sedation dentistry can benefit a wide range of patients. 

Studies show that approximately one-third of Americans are afraid of the dentist, with over 10% suffering from extreme dental anxiety. Some people have an unmanageable gag reflex. In these cases, dental sedation can help relax a patient so they can get through a lengthy dental procedure with less fear and difficulty. People who are afraid of needles, are claustrophobic, or have strong gag reflexes can benefit from IV sedation. 

Sometimes, wiggly or apprehensive patients can make it more difficult for the dentist to do a good job. Sedation is a great way to smooth out the process for the patient and the doctor so they can provide you with excellent dental care. Our goal is to make the experience as comfortable and relaxing as possible for the best clinical outcome.

Why You Should Trust Dr. Belt for Sedation Dentistry

If you’re interested in sedation dentistry and are looking for a dental practitioner you can trust, look no further than Dr. Belt.

Since 2008, Dr. Belt has taken a patient-centered approach to dentistry. He holds himself to the highest standard when it comes to helping people find confidence in their smiles through the skillful application of the latest procedures and best available materials. Dr. Belt has undergone extensive training to safely offer this additional service to his patients in Durango.

If you’ve avoided dental visits in the past due to fear or anxiety and you need complex dental care, contact Durango Dental today. Dr. Belt will explain your sedation options and help you make the best, most comfortable decision for your next visit.