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Root Canal Therapy

When tooth decay is allowed to progress unchecked, it can result in immense pain and even life-threatening orofacial infection. If the neurovascular tissue inside of a tooth is penetrated and infected by harmful bacteria, a root canal treatment is the first step to restoring a painful tooth back to normal function. Root canals are usually painless and typically take longer to complete than the average dental filling. Dr. Belt has received extensive training in the most modern equipment and techniques to provide this imperative treatment right here in our office at Durango Dental.

What a Root Canal Is

A root canal is a common dental procedure where the dentist cleans, disinfects, and seals the pulp chamber of the tooth. Root canal therapy preserves your natural teeth, preventing the need for dental implants or bridges.

Why Some Patients May Need a Root Canal

A patient can need a root canal for various reasons. Some of these reasons include, but are not limited to:


Decay that goes untreated too long and enters the nerve chamber of the tooth.


Cracks that allow harmful bacteria to penetrate the nerve chamber that have developed from large fillings or from normal wear and tear.

Internal Resorption

Internal resorption: A condition where your tooth resorbs itself (or dies) from the root out.

Traumatic Injuries

Traumatic injuries to the tooth which can cause the nerve to die or the tooth to break off at the nerve chamber.

When a Root Canal is Needed

Pain is a good indicator that you may need a root canal. However, pain is not the only indicator of needing a root canal. Regular X-rays and check-ups are needed to make sure the root system of your teeth is healthy. Many times, through X-rays, we find an asymptomatic tooth that has an abscess. Also, X-rays are our only tool to discover internal resorption. The earlier this is detected, the better the prognosis is for saving the tooth with root canal therapy.

Are Root Canals Painless?

Root canals are usually painless. Dr. Belt uses local anesthetic to numb the area prior to treatment so you won’t feel anything during the root canal therapy. You may feel some tenderness for a few days after the procedure but this tenderness should taper off within a week.

Why to Choose Dr. Belt for Root Canal Therapy

Dr. Belt has received excellent root canal therapy training. He meets and exceeds the standards required to deliver high-quality root canal treatment to his patients. Having attended the renowned Dr. Buchanan’s DELabs for training and continuing education, Dr. Belt uses the most modern equipment and techniques to provide this treatment right here in our office at Durango Dental.

Dr. Belt will make every effort to help you resolve a painful or necrotic tooth. If you have tooth pain or have been putting off needed root canal treatment, today is the time to make an appointment with your Durango Dental team. Call (970) 259-3112 now!