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Dental Implants

Replacing missing teeth is important for your oral and general health.  When there is a missing tooth in the jaw, the open space where a tooth has been lost allows remaining teeth to shift and move while putting excessive stress on neighboring teeth in the area. The gap from a missing tooth can also change the way you bite, cause joint clicking, headaches, and teeth grinding – all of which can add unnecessary stress to your masticatory system.

Dr. Belt uses dental implants to provide the highest degree of life-like tooth replacements without damaging neighboring teeth as is done with old-style crown and bridge treatments. Unlike removable dentures or dental bridges that sit on the gums or anchor to adjacent teeth, dental implants are painlessly placed beneath the gums for a long-lasting, beautiful, and natural smile. Dental implants are the most modern technological advancement available to replace missing teeth and keep your smile strong. As part of his continued education, Dr. Belt received specialized training from White Cap Institute, a Dental Implant residency program to learn how to reverse the effects of missing teeth. 

With dental implants, Dr. Belt can restore your smile, improve your appearance, and help you find confidence in your smile! Call today for a consultation at (970) 259-3112.