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Why Us?

Letter From Dr. Belt

Dear Patient,

Even dentists’ teeth need regular care to make them as attractive as possible and maintain proper oral health. Just like you, I know that choosing the right dentist makes all the difference in the quality of care you receive. Throughout my younger and teenage years, I had a great dentist who exemplified all the qualities I strive for in my own practice.

My doctor treated me with care and compassion because he knew me personally. He gave me individual attention and I never felt treated as just another patient. He worked to foster this relationship by knowing what was happening in my life, listening to my questions, and resolving my concerns when I was apprehensive about dental work.

When my doctor provided dental care, he strove to make us as comfortable as possible. His amiable demeanor automatically put me at ease and rarely did I ever feel pain or discomfort. The cleanliness and brightness of his office provided for a relaxing atmosphere which made each visit pleasant.

He provided a high level of quality care that was valued in the community. He made every effort to provide the most state-of-the-art equipment and materials for his patients. Twenty years later, when other dentists see the work my dentist did for me, they are complimentary of the durability and conservative nature of the dental work I had completed as a kid.

He was an excellent dentist. Now, in my own practice, I strive to provide that same family-friendly atmosphere and quality level of care for my patients. So, if this describes what you are looking for in a dentist, come to Durango Dental. I look forward to welcoming you into our office.

-Dr. Belt