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Composite White Fillings

Unlike traditional silver or mercury fillings, composite fillings are almost impossible to differentiate from natural tooth structure when properly bonded by your Durango dentist! Cosmetic dentistry can provide you with a white, natural-looking tooth color that hides brown or discolored marks on teeth. At Durango Dental, Dr. Belt excels at the placement of bonded restorations that match the shade of your natural teeth to give you a beautiful, mercury-free smile!

The benefit of modern composite bonding is that each filling is made from mercury-free materials that are perfectly matched to your teeth. The absence of mercury and other metals allows for a more conservative approach to tooth preparation by the doctor. With composite fillings, there is less drilling of teeth and a more aesthetic final result.

The process begins by removing parts of the tooth that have been softened or ruined by tooth decay. The composite material is then bonded to the tooth with the latest in cosmetic dental materials. A special blue light is used to harden the material and secure it in place. The white material is then polished and blended into the natural tooth structure in order to provide a strong and beautiful restoration that will last years to come!

For more information about composite fillings or to schedule an appointment, call Durango Dental and let us help revitalize your smile!